The Best Options For Heating And Cooling Improvements When You Do Home Renovation Projects

Improvements to your AC are costly, so it may be something that you put off. Home renovation projects provide the perfect opportunity to do improvements to the HVAC system in your home. You may want to consider adding ductless AC to an addition, replacing old ducts or upgrading to larger AC units and furnaces. There are even options for renewable energy with geothermal systems and solar water heaters. Here are some of the options for improvements to your AC when doing a home renovation project:

1. Upgrading Ductwork to Reduce Energy Loss and Improve Air Flow

Your ductwork is one of the areas of HVAC where problems can start, such as loss of efficiency and problems with dirty ducts. To improve your HVAC system, consider upgrading the ducts. Newer ductwork has better insulation and is more durable. The new ducts you have installed in your home may even help to improve airflow, and thus, the performance of your system. Whether you have new ducts installed or not, it is a good idea to have the ductwork of your HVAC cleaned every few years. Cleaning the ducts will reduce wear and tear on the system and costly repairs that come with the wear.

2. Adding to HVAC With Larger Systems or Ductless AC Units

There are also times when you may need to add to your AC, such as when doing a remodeling project that includes additional space. Sometimes, systems are large enough to add a couple of new ducts, but more than often an HVAC system is too small. There are two options to choose from; one you can have your AC unit replaced, or two; you can install a ductless system. If it is time for an HVAC upgrade, replacement may be a good option. If you do not want to replace the existing AC, consider options like adding ductless and mini-split systems to additional space that needs air conditioning.

3. Renewable Energy Improvements for HVAC Systems During Home Renovations

Renewable energy is another way you can upgrade your HVAC system. If you want to improve heating and cooling efficiency, a geothermal system is the answer. Geothermal heat exchange is the process of thermal exchange using the ground beneath your feet as an energy source. The good thing about geothermal is that is also helps reduce energy consumption of cooling due to the median ground temperatures being cooler than the surface. For heating, you have the additional option of a solar water heater for renewable energy, which can be used for both hot water and heating needs.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider for improvements to your AC when doing a home renovation project. You can even make changes to convert your heating to home heating oil while you're at it.

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