Three Things To Clean If You Want Better Indoor Air Quality

There are dozens of factors that can affect whether you have good indoor air quality in your home or not. And since you spend a lot of your time in your home (sleeping time alone can be about a third of your life) you should definitely care about whether or not your air is high-quality. So here are three things that you can clean if you want to improve this essential factor of your quality of life.

HVAC ducts

Duct system cleaning is not something that gets done very often, but it can be necessary on occasion. For example, if your HVAC is having a mold problem or if it has recently had a pest problem, then the air that comes out of the system is likely to be contaminated. You don't want to just quit using your HVAC all summer, so you should have the ducts cleaned out to eliminate this problem and make your air safe to breathe again. Most homeowners don't have the ducts cleaned out as part of regular maintenance, though. The ducts are usually cleaned only when there's a specific reason to do so.

Air filters

The air that goes into your ducts, before it reaches your AC unit, is pre-filtered by the intake vent filters as it enters into your HVAC system. If the filters are not cleaned and/or replaced regularly, depending on the type of filter, they get clogged, which can cause all kinds of problems. Not only does more dust and contaminated air get into the ducts themselves, but it's harder for the air to get in through the vents overall, which can cause airflow problems for your AC system. So you should always clean or replace your filters on a regular basis. If you want to improve your air quality even further, you can add air filtration on top of the air filters already in place. For example, freestanding air cleaning machines are available for a relatively affordable price.

Bathroom vents and kitchen vents

The venting systems in your bathroom and kitchen help remove smoke, dirty air, undesirable flavors, and excess humidity from your home. If these vents are not cleaned out regularly, dust can build up inside them (along with cobwebs, grime, and other nastiness) and reduce airflow, making these systems less effective and less efficient overall and reducing the quality of the air in those rooms. Use a vacuum hose to help remove the grime and dust from inside these vents.

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