Five Things You Should Do While Waiting For The AC Repair Service To Arrive

Air conditioning malfunctions often occur during heat waves, and that's no coincidence -- AC units are working harder than ever when outdoor temperatures soar, so it stands to reason that they break down sometimes, particularly if they have dirty filters or have otherwise not been properly maintained. Following are five strategies designed to help you beat the heat until the repair technician arrives. 

Turn Off As Many Lights as Possible 

Light bulbs may not seem to generate much heat, but every little bit counts when your air conditioner breaks down and it's extremely hot outside. Incandescent lights generate the most heat, while LED light bulbs give out the least, so if you need light while waiting for your AC to be repaired, opt for fixtures with LED bulbs. 

Place Coverings Over Your Windows

Although you may be tempted to open windows to let in some air after your air conditioning unit breaks down, this is counterproductive because all you'll be doing is letting the hot air into your home. Placing coverings on your windows helps keep the cool air from escaping your home interior as well as keeps the hot air out. 

Check on Your Furry Friends

Make sure your furry friends have plenty of cold, clean water to drink. You should watch dogs in particular for signs of overheating, such as profound lethargy, pronounced shallow breathing, and pale gums. You may have to give your dog a cool bath in order to alleviate the symptoms, and if you think your pet is in serious distress, a trip to the local emergency vet may be in order.

Put on a Good Movie

Distractions offer a great way to beat the heat, so put on an engrossing movie and enjoy it will a cold beverage. Keep in mind that alcohol is dehydrating, so if you decide on an adult beverage, pair it with a tall glass of ice water. Keep in mind that it's important to remain hydrated when it's hot

Place a Bowl of Ice on the Floor in Front of a Fan 

A large mixing bowl placed on the floor in front of a fan can provide you with temporary respite from the heat while waiting for the repair technician to arrive on the scene. The best strategy for those deciding to go this route is to close up a single small room to prevent the precious cool air from escaping into the rest of the home. 

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