Apartment Complex Owners Should Avoid Oversized Furnaces In Their Apartments

Installing high-quality furnaces in every apartment in a complex is a crucial step for ensuring your renters are safe during severe winter weather. However, you should avoid installing heaters that are too large for their needs. This mistake is a costly one that too many apartment complex owners make.

Why It's Bad To Have A Furnace That Is Too Large For An Apartment

Many apartment complex owners may think that an oversized furnace is the best choice for their apartments. However, that is usually not the case. While a heater that is too large for an apartment's needs will keep it nice and warm, it can cause a variety of problems that can ruin the efficiency of their heating system.

For example, an oversized furnace is more likely to cost more to install and to create what is known as increased cycling times. This problem occurs when the furnace is continually triggered. It quickly wears down the interior of the stove and causes it to break down. For apartment complex owners, dealing with this problem in dozens of apartment buildings can be expensive.

There Are Many Factors To Choosing The Right-Sized Furnace

Picking the right heater for your apartments requires understanding their square feet and how to calculate the appropriate BTU required to heat them up. A good guide is to multiply their square footage by 40. This calculation should give you a pretty accurate estimation as to how large of a furnace is needed for heating your apartment.

Check the output level of the furnaces in your complex and see how close it is to this number. If it is slightly above or below it, you probably don't need to install any new heaters. However, if it is higher than several hundred or even thousands of BTU, then you need to install a smaller and more efficient

Understanding The Cost Investment

The first financial aspect that an apartment owner needs to know about this problem is the cost of installing a new furnace. Typically, it will average about $4,000 per apartment but may range from as low as $2,500 all the way up to $9,000. Installing smaller and more efficient furnaces of this cost in every apartment in a complex may seem like an expensive waste of time to many apartment complex owners.

For example, it is possible that a poor-quality or inefficient furnace could cost as much as $2,400 per year in lost heating bills. While that is a very high amount that isn't typical of most apartments, imagine the expensive costs over the lifetime of a complex. Even if each apartment is losing only $500 per year, that can cost tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of an apartment complex.

That's why it is important for apartment complex owners like you to talk to a heating specialist right away. They can help you choose the right-sized furnaces for your apartments' needs and install them at a fair and reasonable cost.

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