3 Ways To Get Your Heating System Ready For Winter

It is time to get your heating system ready for winter. Fall is winding down, and winter temperatures are already creeping in. If your heating system was working well at the end of last year, there are only a few things you need to do to get your heating system ready, such as:

#1 Clean Off The Outside Unit

The outside unit for your heating system can easily get covered with leaves and other debris, especially during the fall. Use a broom or rake, and get all the debris off of the outside component of your heating system. If you have vegetation growing close to the outside part of your unit, cut it back and away from the unit. You can air to be able to flow freely around the outside part of your heating unit.

#2 Change Out The Air Filter

Second, change out the air filter. The air filter should be located on the inside portion of your heating unit. When you put the new filter in place, pay attention to the directional arrows on your unit and on the air filter. The filter may easily fit in place backwards, but that doesn't mean that it is going to work well if you put it in backwards. This is a simple and easy mistake to make, so be sure to double check the direction of the directional arrows again before you put the cover back in place. 

#3 Clear Your Vents

It can be easy to move furniture and items over the vents in your house when you are not using them. Go to each room, and make sure that nothing is sitting on top of the vent. Make sure that you keep things such as curtains and clothing away from the vents as well. Then, check and make sure that the vent registry is open all the way. If the vent registry is not open all the way, the greatest possible amount of air is not going to enter each room. For your heating system to work properly, you really want to make sure that nothing is covering each vent and that each vent is fully open. 

If your vent covers are dusty, take them off and clean both sides of the covers. You don't want the air from your heating system passing through a dirty vent right before it enters your home. Also, vacuum and clean the ductwork that is visible right under the vent cover. This will help ensure that the air you breath is as clean as possible.

Cleaning debris from your outside unit, changing out your air filter, and opening as well as cleaning all the vents will help ensure that your heating system works as optimally as possible. You should also schedule a routine maintenance check with a local HVAC like Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air; this is a great way to spot and address mechanical issues with your HVAC system before they become big problems. 

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