Why Your HVAC System Keeps Tripping Up The Breaker

The circuit breaker to which your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning system) system is connected protects not only the HVAC from electrical damage, but it also protects your house and all its electrical systems from damage. That is why you should be worried if the breaker keeps tripping up. Here are some parts of the system you should examine if the breaker keeps tripping:

Circuit Breaker

Just because the breaker connected to your HVAC system is tripping, it doesn't mean that the HVAC has a problem; maybe the problem is in the breaker. For example, it may be that the breakers wires are loose, the breaker is old and damaged, there was an electrical power surge or the breaker is undersized (cannot accommodate the power demands of the HVAC). Note that you should only reset the breaker once. If it trips again then there is a problem; if it doesn't trip again then the problem was a one-time issue.


If the problem is not with the breaker, then it might be with the compressor part of the system. There are two main ways in which a compressor malfunction can lead to a tripped breaker. First, the problem may occur if the compressor's side has come into contact with the electrical winding inside it, leading to a short circuit. Secondly, it may also be that the compressor is aging and requires more electricity to start than usual (this is known as a hard start). The compressor diagnosis and fixing is something that only a professional technician should handle.


The motor, which is another part of your HVAC system that consumes considerable power, can also cause the breaker to trip if it's malfunctioning. This may happen, for example, if the motor gets too hot and damages its wire insulation (the same thing can happen due to age). Damaged insulation will cause electricity to flow where it's not wanted (the classic definition of a short circuit), tripping the circuit breaker.

Air Filter

Lastly, you should also suspect and check the filter if your HVAC keeps tripping up the breaker. A clogged filter will restrict airflow through it. This will cause the air handler to ramp up its operations so as to force more air through the filter. This, inevitably, increase power usage and can trip up the circuit breaker.

As previously explained, you should not reset the breaker more than once. If you reset it once and it keeps tripping, consult a technician for a professional diagnosis and repair. Contact a company, like Precision Heating & Cooling, for more help.

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