DIY HVAC Jobs Your Can Do Right Now

HVAC maintenance is foreign to most homeowners. Many people don't even replace their own filters, instead choosing to allow heating contractors to do the work. This article focuses on some of the most basic HVAC repairs and maintenance jobs that you can begin right away, regardless of your skill set.

Finding the Problem

The first thing you want to do is figure out where your problem is originating. Most people don't even think to check the furnace when it comes to air conditioner problems. They don't realize the furnace actually circulates the air because it houses the blower. So, whenever you turn on your air conditioner, the furnace will also turn on, and the fan will start to blow.

Turn your thermostat on, turn down the temperature, and listen to the furnace to see if the fan turns on. If the fan doesn't turn on, you know that this is where your problem is. Most likely, this is something you will definitely need to have professionally repaired. However, if the fan does turn on, your lack of airflow could be caused by several other factors. You will want to look at a few vital points where air flows between the furnace and into your rooms.

Duct Connection on the Furnace

First, check the duct connections that is actually attached to the furnace cabinet. This connection shouldn't ever become loose, but it can because of human error. That is, there is always the risk of somebody or something actually knocking this duct and loosening the connection. In fact, you should follow the duct all the way until it goes into the walls. Feel along the individual seams to make sure that they aren't loose and leaking air.

Are your Registers Opened and Clear?

Next, you should check all of the air registers and make sure they are actually open. Many people never look at the registers close enough, so they don't realize when they aren't fully closed. You should look at them very closely with a flashlight, trying to look on the inside to see if there is any thing blocking the space in between the individual vents. It is very possible that the inside of your registers can get clogged with dust buildup. If you do need to remove your registers to clean the inside of them, it can be easily done with just your screwdriver.

Once your registers are clean, put them back on the wall, and you should enjoy some improved airflow.

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