4 Tips to Deal with Your AC Freezing & Your Home Turning into an Oven

Freezing of your AC is something that can happen during the summer months and cause your home to become hot like and oven in a short period of time. This freezing occurs outside on the condensing unit where the compressor and coils are located. The freezing of your AC can also lead to serious damage, which is why you want to get the problem under control quickly. Here are some tips to help deal with a freezing AC during the summer:

1.  Late Winter Servicing to Prepare Your AC for Hot Weather without Freezing

The late winter months are the best time to have your HVAC system serviced to prepare for warmer weather. Part of the maintenance that should be done includes changing the filters and cleaning components of dust and dirt that has built up on the unit. Doing this will help prevent problems with freezing that can cause damage to your AC during the summer months.

2. Stopping the Freezing When it Begins to Cause Problems with Your AC          

The freezing of your AC unit will quickly lead to your home feeling like an oven. The first step in dealing with the freezing is turning the AC off. Use ventilation and natural heat convection to cool your home while your AC is thawing. This can be done by opening windows at upper-levels of your home. Allow the AC to completely thaw for a day and clean the condensing unit before turning your air conditioner back on.

3. Preventing Freezing from Returning After Thawing Your AC This Summer

You want to prevent the freezing of your AC during the summer months. This is done by keeping the condensing unit clean and free of debris. During times of the year when there is a lot of contamination like high pollen-counts, clean your AC unit more frequently to prevent the buildup of dust from causing condensation and the freezing that causes damage to air conditioners.

4. Dealing with the Damage That Can Be Caused by Summer AC Freezing

There is also a lot of damage that can be caused by summer AC freezing. First, freezing causes overheating of the compressor, which can cause damage to the motor or leaks of coolant gases. If your AC has been damaged due to freezing, you will need professional help with the repairs to prevent freezing and ensure your AC is cooling your home as it should.

These are some tips that will help deal with a freezing AC during the hot summer months. If you need help with air conditioning maintenance to prevent freezing or repairs, contact an HVAC contractor to ensure these problems do not lead to serious damage. 

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