3 Things to Do When Your Furnace Goes Out

Walking into a cold house in the middle of winter is the last thing that anybody wants. If you have noticed that your furnace has gone out, then you may be at a loss as to what you can do. The first thing that you should do is call a furnace repair professional and schedule an appointment with them, but what should you do in the meantime? This article will take a closer look at three specific things that you should do when your furnace goes out. Are you ready to learn some more tips? If so, read on!

Check the Pilot Light

Sometimes, all that's wrong with a furnace is that the pilot light has gone out. Usually, you can just open the metal vent on your furnace and look in, and you will either notice that there is a little flame flickering or you won't see anything. If you don't see anything, then your pilot light is probably out. To reset it, turn the knob to "pilot" and then hold down the "reset" button. This should light the furnace pilot light. Once you are sure that it's on, then you can stop pressing the reset button.

Get a Space Heater

To make sure that you and your family don't freeze entirely while you wait for your furnace repair person, consider getting an electric space heater. These space heaters work by being plugged directly into the outlet and then they rotate hot air throughout your room. One thing to know about space heaters is that they can be flammable, so make sure that you don't put any blankets on them and that you turn them off when you leave the house.

Stay Warm

In addition to getting a space heater, make sure that you wear a lot of warm layers and that you cover up in a blanket; this will make it more bearable so that you don't feel like you are living inside of an igloo.

Having a heater go out is not something that anybody wants to deal with during the winter, but if you find yourself in a cold house without heat, then make sure that you use the tips listed in this article. To learn more about ways for you to heat up your house, contact a heating system repair company near you today and have them come out to your house to give you a bid.

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