Inconsistent Temperatures in Your Home? Your AC Could Have an Air Pressure Problem

If abnormal cold and hot spots show up in your bedrooms, you may think you have ghosts and other supernatural entities in your home. Before you leave your house in fear, take a moment to relax. The strange occurrences in your house could actually be caused by low air pressure. Learn more about low air pressure and why you have it.

What Causes Low Air Pressure?

Low air pressure occurs when something blocks or restricts airflow through your cooling system. Blockages can occur anywhere inside the system, including the air ducts. Air ducts require a specific amount of air pressure to work properly. If the ducts clog up, tear, or leak, air pressure may decrease inside them. 

Low air pressure can cause several things to happen in your home. The temperature might vary in different locations in your home. This can occur if some of your air ducts direct too much cool air to one room and not enough cool air to another. For instance, your bedrooms may feel extremely cold or breezy, while your bathroom and kitchen may feel very hot and stifling. The temperature might even change in the rooms directly connected to your house, such as your attached garage or utility room.

The incidences above are just a few reasons for low air pressure inside your HVAC system. Only an HVAC contractor can detect, diagnose, and repair the real reason behind the strange occurrences in your home.

How Do You Balance the Pressure in Your HVAC System?

The first thing you want to address is your air ducts. If you have an HVAC contractor clean the inside of your air ducts, you may be able to balance the air pressure inside them. A contractor can also seal the ducts running through your basement or crawl space. The ducts in these places can be damaged by pests over time. 

A contractor may also wash and clean your air vents. Vents can reduce air pressure inside and outside your air ducts if they become clogged with pet hair, dust, and other items. A contractor can show you how to keep your air vents clean. 

In addition to the important steps above, an HVAC contractor might check your cooling system's condenser coil. Air can't flow through a blocked condenser coil. Keeping the coil clean not only improves air pressure inside your cooling system, but it also extends the coil's lifespan.

For more details about the various cold and hot spots in your house, contact an HVAC service today.

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