4 AC Installation Tips To Help Prepare Your Home For More Efficient Cooling And Lower Utility Bills

If you are ready to replace an old and outdated air conditioner, the winter months are a great time to start planning. When preparing for your new AC installation, you will want to consider options like renewable energy, types of air conditioning and modern thermostats that all help make your AC more efficient. The following air conditioner installation tips will help give you more efficient cooling next summer and lower your energy costs:

1. Ductless or High-Velocity Ducts for More Efficient Cooling

If you are adding AC to your home and do not want to do major renovations like adding or removing ducts, ductless and high-velocity duct systems are ideal. The ductless systems can be split systems to provide cooling in several areas of your home with the same system. Compact duct systems give you the advantage of a system that can use existing wall cavities for the installation of the duct to help save space, time and money.

2. Using Geothermal Designs to Reduce Energy Consumption

One of the best ways to save energy with the HVAC design for your home is geothermal heat exchange. This is a system that is designed to use the energy stored in the earth to reduce the energy consumption of heating and cooling. The benefit of this type of system is that it provides you with energy savings all year to lower your energy costs.

3. Heat Pumps and  AC Designs Powered with Solar

Today, there are more efficient heat pumps that can be used to replace old AC units. These systems have many benefits, such as the ability to heat your home during mild winter weather to extend energy savings. In addition, the highly efficient design of heat pump systems also makes them a practical solution if you want to power your AC with solar energy now or in the future.

4. Choosing the Right HVAC Thermostat Upgrades For Efficiency

Lastly, you want to consider the type of thermostat that you have installed for a more efficient HVAC design. The most affordable solution would be to install a programmable thermostat that you can program according to your heating and cooling needs. Today, you also have the option for programmable thermostats with features that memorize your preferences and automatically adjust the settings over time for a more efficient HVAC design.

These are some air conditioning installation tips that will help give your more efficient cooling next summer and lower your utility bills. If you are ready to replace that old AC that constantly needs repairs, contact a company like Scott Guerin Heating & Cooling.

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