Should You Consider A Heat Pump For Your Home's Heating?

While many homes utilize a gas furnace for heating, others use a heat pump. There are many advantages of heat pumps that you should know about if you are considering this as a heating option in your home. The following is some helpful information that you should know about:

How Does a Heat Pump Work? 

A heat pump utilizes a split system to help heat and cool a home. It is an environmentally friendly option and is used as an alternative to gas. Heat pumps use electricity to operate and moves hot air from outside to heat the house during cold weather. In the summer, the heat pump will remove hot air from inside the home and move it outside.

How Are Heat Pumps More Efficient?

A gas furnace can heat a home well, but it does not do it in an energy-efficient way. Furnaces tend to push hot air out without any real rhyme or reason. It blows enough heat into the room to get it to the temperature set on your thermostat. A heat pump allows the air to enter the home more consistently. The heat pump can adjust the air more easily to better heat your home, unlike a furnace, which blows the same temperature air the entire time.

A heat pump also produces a higher volume of hot air when you juxtapose it with the amount of energy it requires. This is much higher than what a furnace can provide when compared to a similar cycle of time.

Can You Use a Heat Pump if You Have a Gas Furnace?

You can install a heat pump even if your home uses a gas furnace. A heat pump will work alongside your furnace to help maximize your heating output. You essentially will have two separate heating and cooling systems working when necessary. The work of heating your home will be divided between the two systems. You can set the system up to where the furnace will ignite when the work of heating your home becomes too difficult for your heat pump by itself. This is especially the case in very cold climates. Still, the heat pump can help you save energy by engaging when you do not need the heavy work of the furnace.

Heat pumps do not use any form of gas to operate. For this reason, you will save a lot of money on your home's heating expenses. This is a good option if you are looking for more energy-efficient home heating options. Speak with a professional who provides heating installation services for more information. 

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