Repair A Drip Under The Kitchen Sink Before There Is Water Damage To Your Floor

A slow drip under your kitchen sink can cause a lot of problems over time. The bottom of your cabinet may start to rot, and if the drip hits the floor, there could even be floor damage. Another bad aspect of a kitchen sink drip is that the dampness and rotting attracts bugs, and you don't want bugs in your kitchen.

A dripping sink pipe is a common problem, but it's one that can be repaired, and repairs should be done right away rather than put off. Here's a look at some steps involved in dealing with a drip under the sink.

Locate The Leak

Water rolls down the pipe and drips off at the lowest point, so the plumber has to figure out where the pipe is leaking. The joint connections are a likely place for a leak to develop, so the plumber may dry the joints and pipe first and then feel for dampness to narrow down where the drip is coming from. A drip under the kitchen sink could be coming from the inlet lines or the waste drain.

Think About Changing Plumbing Parts

The plumber might consider changing the drain trap or supply lines depending on the type of plumbing you have and where the leak is located. If a metal trap is corroded and leaky, the plumber may replace it with a plastic trap. If your plumbing has copper inlet lines, the plumber may switch them to braided flexible lines that come with rubber washers to decrease the risk of leaking.

Repair A Leaky Joint

If it turns out the leak is coming from a joint as commonly happens, your plumber may only need to make quick repairs. This involves using joint compound and plumber's tape on the threads so the joint gets a good seal. However, one problem the plumber may have to contend with is a stuck joint. If you have hard water, the drip leaves behind mineral deposits that cause the joint to freeze in place. The plumber has to work the joint loose without damaging the pipes before plumbing repairs can be done.

If the plumber puts in braided lines and loosens the joints, you might be able to repair a simple drip yourself in the future. If your plumbing is old, a leak could develop again, and whether you make the repairs or call a professional, it's important to fix the drip promptly. Reach out to a professional like one at Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division for plumbing repairs. 

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