Most Common HVAC Emergencies

When it comes to your heating and air conditioning system, every problem can seem like an emergency. Whether it's a busted furnace in the middle of winter or a broken-down air-conditioner in July, when your HVAC system breaks, you want it fixed immediately.

No matter the severity of the issue, emergency HVAC repair services are on hand to assist any homeowner with any need they may have. Still, some are more pressing than others, such as the ones outlined below. If you see any of them occurring, contact your local HVAC company to have it taken care of immediately.

System Not Turning On

The primary function of your HVAC system is to heat and cool your home, so if either of your units is not turning on for any reason, it's an emergency. Not only do you have your family's comfort to think about but also excessive wear and tear, as unregulated temperature can damage parts of your home. Fortunately, the solution can be something as simple as a flipped breaker or a dead battery in your thermostat; if that's the case, simply turn them back on and your system should function properly. If there's a problem with your unit's energy source though, it's time to hire an emergency HVAC repair technician to look at it, as that problem is significantly more complex.

Gas Leak

Some homes, even if they run primarily on electricity, can still have their furnace and air conditioner units powered by gas. If that's your case, and you start smelling gas inside your home, contact your local utility company to shut the gas off in your home immediately and remove your family from the premises. Then, call an emergency HVAC repair company to come out and look at it as soon as possible, since a gas leak can be particularly dangerous, if not fatal.

Clogged Drain Line

Your air conditioner will naturally build up condensation over time and will usually dispense that water into a drip pan that goes out of the side of your house via a drain line. A clogged drain line isn't a problem in and of itself, but it can force that water that is inside the drip pan to spill over inside your home and cause significant water damage, and even mold. If you know that it's been overflowing and dripping for some time, contact an emergency HVAC repair company to have it worked on and take any other steps necessary to repair the damage.

To learn more, reach out to an emergency HVAC repair service.

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