2 Reasons You Should Not Attempt To Install Your Own Gas Furnace

After trying to turn on your home's old gas furnace, you may have discovered that it no longer works, making it necessary for you to buy a new one. Since this is an unexpected expense, you may be considering installing it yourself to help save a little money. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should not attempt to install your home's new gas furnace yourself.

1.  You Must Be Precise When Making the Gas Line Connections

One reason why you should not even attempt to install your own furnace is that you will be working with gas lines. When making the connections between the lines and the furnace, they must be precise and strong.

If you attach the pipes unevenly or screw a line's thread in crooked, the chances of leaving a pinhole or tiny crack are greatly increased. Even the smallest opening will allow gas to leak out into your home, posing both a health risk and a fire and/or explosion hazard.

However, when you have a licensed professional perform the installation, they have the necessary tools to ensure that the line connections are sturdy. They can also test the connection before the gas is run through the lines to ensure that there are no leaks present. 

2.  You May Be in Violation of Your Local Building Codes

Another important reason why you should leave the installation of your gas furnace to a professional instead of trying to do the work is that doing the install by yourself without any certifications or licenses could put you in violation of your local building codes.

Since the gas lines running into your home are connected to a main hub as well as other homes, some areas' codes forbid homeowners from doing anything with them. If you were to inadvertently move a line to the point that it bends or cracks, there could be a widespread gas leak that could affect not only you but also your neighbors.

However, when a professional contractor completes the work, they should have the proper certifications to do so. They will also know whether any special permits are needed before they start the installation process.

Not only could it be dangerous to try to install a gas furnace yourself in your own home, but it may also be against the law. To avoid both hazards and legal issues, you should always hire a professional to do the job for you. Contact an HVAC contractor near you who offers furnace installation services to discuss your options. 

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