3 Electrical Problems to Catch Before Disaster Strikes

As a homeowner, you must take preventative measures to ensure that your home is ready for the winter season. This can be done in many different ways, but since winter makes your home vulnerable to electrical fires, you will want to take time during the fall to prepare your home for potential electrical issues. The reason that winter is so susceptible to electrical fires is due to the increased use of space heaters, Christmas lights, and electrical devices. Ideally, you should have an electrical contractor perform a safety inspection of your home and check for three specific issues.

Exposed Wiring Outside

All houses will not have exterior wiring that is exposed to the outside elements. If your house does have exposed exterior wiring, then it is important to have a professional check it out and ensure that the wiring is all in good condition before the harsh weather of winter arrives. Wintry weather conditions can cause serious damage to your exterior wires, leading to damage and even an electrical outage.

Frayed Wires

At any point during the year, frayed wires can cause a serious issue for the entire home's electrical system and the overall safety of the property. It is a good idea to have the home's wiring system checked by a professional before the temperatures drop. In addition, the wiring of all appliances in the home should be inspected. This includes the space heaters that you may use throughout the home to heat certain areas.

If frayed wires are left neglected, they can pose a very serious fire hazard to your home and the individuals within it. All it takes is one faulty wire to create a small spark that could result in flames that turn into a blazing fire that can burn down the entire home. With that being said, make sure that a professional electrician inspects the wiring of your house before winter arrives.

Overloaded Electrical Circuits

During the winter, you are likely to put up holiday decorations and lights. As a result, there is a higher electrical load, which could lead to your circuits being overloaded. Unfortunately, this can be a very serious fire hazard. Since there will be extra electrical demand throughout the holiday season (and winter season, in general), it is a good idea to have the home's electrical system inspected to ensure it can handle the extra load.

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