4 HVAC Problems That You Will Notice When The Air Filter Is Dirty

Boosting the efficiency of the HVAC system is a primary concern for many homeowners. A dirty or damaged air filter is one of the leading causes of issues with the air conditioning system. It often leads to additional problems with your appliance, resulting in costly residential HVAC repairs. Below are a few of the issues that could result from dirty filters.

Wear And Tear of Other HVAC Parts

If you want your appliance to last longer, you should check the condition of the air filters at the end of a season of regular use. Some signs showing the filter is not okay include improper air quality, overheating, or increased energy bills. All these can affect your HVAC's efficiency, which overworks it. If you do not address these issues through residential HVAC services, it will negatively affect other parts. At some point, you may even have to replace the entire system.

More Allergens in the Air

Allergens are an indication of indoor air full of pet dander and dust. So every time you switch the machine on, it blows these pollutants back into the air. As a result, you will start hearing complaints such as blocked nose, coughs, and sneezing. Those who are asthmatic will find themselves spending more time in hospital than at home. Consider checking the filters if you have had a similar experience. You will notice a significant improvement after cleaning the system.

Shorter Cycles

If you want to know the difference between normal and abnormal cycles, pay attention to the time frames between each cycle. Typically, your HVAC cycles for about 20 minutes twice or thrice in an hour. So if they seem to be cycling more often, you should look for residential HVAC services at once. 

The Machine May Completely Shut Down

The worst thing that can happen to you in the middle of a cold night is your HVAC machine shutting down. For your appliance to reach such a point, it means other crucial components such as the gas valves, heat exchanger, fan, and pressure switches wear out completely. The best thing to do at such a point is to replace the entire appliance as buying such spares would cost a lot of money.

You can only prevent any of the above issues is to calling for residential HVAC services for regular cleaning and filter replacement. The frequency depends on the filter model you use, as some do not require frequent cleaning or replacements. The experts can help you maintain your system in perfect condition through regular cleaning and replacement.

Contact a local HVAC contractor to learn more.

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