Commercial AC Maintenance: What Business Owners Should Know

As a business owner with central air conditioning, your air conditioning system's maintenance is just as important as the care and maintenance you provide for your heating system. Unfortunately, many business owners lack the understanding and preparation to deal with their air conditioning system's necessary maintenance and upkeep. Here's a look at some of the things that you should understand about the maintenance that your air conditioner needs, what you can do on your own, and which tasks really need an AC technician's expertise.

Basic Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks

The good news in your air conditioning maintenance plan is the fact that the most frequent tasks that your air conditioner needs are the easiest for you to do on your own. For example, in order for your air conditioner to sustain proper, sufficient airflow, you'll have to change the air filters regularly. The frequency with which the air filters need replacement will vary depending on your specific model of air conditioner, but most are anywhere from monthly to quarterly. Make sure you keep up with this to ensure proper airflow through the air conditioner. Most commercial units have more than one filter, so make sure you're addressing both.

Additionally, you need to keep the area around the outside condenser clear and free of debris and obstructions. Anything that could hinder airflow or encourage pest infestations should be addressed right away. For example, leaves, sticks, debris, and similar obstructions should all be cleared away as quickly as possible. Especially when your air conditioning system is mounted on the building's roof, you'd be surprised at the debris that can blow around up there. Check the unit regularly to keep it clear.

Technician-Supported Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks

Once a year, you should call your local commercial air conditioning repair technician for an annual checkup and routine professional maintenance of the air conditioner. This will include things like cleaning the condenser coils, testing the blower motor, cleaning the blower fins, and testing the pressure of the refrigerant in the system. 

All of these things are vital to the proper operation of the air conditioner, but they require a professional's intervention and expertise to ensure that the tasks are done properly and without causing extra damage to the unit.

Your central air conditioning system is a workhorse through the summer months. That's why it needs the best possible care and attention to ensure that it works at its best. These steps are crucial to keeping your air conditioner working properly, so reach out to a local commercial HVAC technician today to schedule your routine maintenance appointment. That way, you can be sure that your company's air conditioner is in the best possible condition for this season.

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