Have A Furnace That Doesn't Light Up? 3 Things Your Heating Technician Will Inspect

Furnaces are a dependable heating system in many homes. However, this doesn't mean they won't experience problems that require urgent repairs. In some of these cases, you're likely to experience a gas furnace that fails to fire. More so, this frustrating experience can make your indoors very uncomfortable during the cold season. As such, you must contact a reputable heating technician for repairs at the first sign of this furnace problem. Here are a few things they'll check on arrival.

They'll Inspect Gas Lines for Issues

When the furnace doesn't light up, your technician will first inspect if there's a blockage to the line where the furnace draws the fuel. Note that any obstruction to the gas supply restricts proper flow and prevents your furnace from lighting up. So, your furnace expert will see if debris could be causing the obstruction. If they rule out this problem, they'll check whether or not you're using the proper gas pressure gauge. If not, they will install a valve that will allow the proper flow of gas to the furnace.

They'll Inspect the Functionality of the Ignition Sensor 

If you have a problematic ignition sensor, you'll experience ignition problems. One way to tell that the sensor is faulty is when you hear a click sound from the furnace, but it doesn't fire up. In this case, a heating contractor will first locate the ignitor, remove it, and see if it's dirty. If so, they'll clean it, reinstall it, and then reignite the furnace. If this doesn't help, they'll have to install a new sensor.

They’ll Check Whether or Not the Air Filter Has a Clog

For your gas furnace to operate efficiently, there has to be a sufficient mix of gas and air. So, if there's restricted air from your furnace, there will be an imbalance in the air/gas mixture, and your heater won't light up. You should know that this issue is usually caused by air restrictions due to a clogged furnace filter. To help resolve this issue, your repair expert will change or clean the filter depending on the type you're using. Still, you can prevent this problem from happening in the future by changing the furnace filter every few months.

Whenever your furnace fails to turn on, reach out to your heating system repair technician to see if you have any of the above-mentioned problems. Remember, timely furnace repairs are crucial because they prevent your problem from escalating to the point that you may require a unit replacement.

Contact a heating system repair service near you to learn more.

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