Is It Time For A Furnace Replacement?

There is no straight answer to how many years your heating unit should serve you before it needs to be replaced. This is because even the most efficient system can fail within a decade of its installation, depending on how well you maintain and service it. On the other hand, a well-maintained unit can offer several years of service. However, if yours is approaching its lifespan, you may have noticed that repairs are more frequent and maintenance is becoming increasingly costly. Here are some specific signs it is time to get a new furnace.

You've Had It Longer Than a Decade

As the heating unit gets older, you will notice that its heating efficiency drops. By the time the system has served you over a decade or so, its energy efficiency rating might be as little as half or less of its initial rating. This means it takes longer to heat your house than before, which can cost you a lot in energy bills. So, instead of endless tune-ups that cost a lot, set aside money for a furnace replacement. You will be pleased to know that a new unit will likely come with modern features and improved comfort.

Indoor Temperature is Not Even

An efficient furnace should leave your home with an even atmosphere when you turn it on. So, if certain rooms are colder than others, it could indicate the furnace has started losing its efficiency. In such a case, have a heating expert check whether you have leaks in your ducts. However, if the problem is not with the ductwork, it is time to replace the unit.

The Heating Bill is Soaring

The ultimate price of staying with an old and inefficient furnace is hiked heating bills. That said, it might seem manageable because the bills come once a month, and you need a lot of money to replace the unit. However, the opposite is true because you will lose a lot of money in the long run. As such, it's more economical to invest in a new furnace and cut your energy costs altogether. Moreover, choosing a new unit allows you to invite a heating expert to calculate your home's heating load and recommend the ideal furnace size.

If you think it is time for a new heating system, the best place to start is to consult a heating expert. They will assess your current unit and find a replacement if they feel that it has lost most of its efficiency and will cost you more than it's worth. Note that the initial installation cost might be higher, but the benefits will be worth it in the long run.

For more information, reach out to a heating service near you.

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