Reasons Your Furnace Is Not Working

A furnace is essential during the cold months because it provides heat to keep your home comfortable. Given this crucial function, it can be frustrating if you turn on the furnace to find it not working. Furthermore, this will leave you cold and create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Thus, you should employ the services of a furnace repair expert from a trusted HVAC company to inspect your unit. They will identify the source of the malfunction and fix it for optimal efficiency. Below are some reasons your heating unit is not working. 

Electrical Malfunctions

If you experience power surges or voltage spikes in your home, it may lead to a short circuit that triggers the circuit breaker, causing it to trip. Consequently, this may result in the system turning off as the breaker disengages power. As such, a tripped circuit breaker renders your furnace inoperable, creating discomfort across your house.

The good news is an HVAC expert can easily rectify the electrical malfunction. They will replace frayed components, clean corrosion on the contacts, and install a whole-house surge protector to keep your unit up and running.

Water Leaks

A furnace will produce condensation during combustion as it collects vapor in the heat exchanger from the combustion gas that cools off. However, if dirt and grime accumulate in the condensate line, they obstruct water flow. Additionally, the drain pipe can deteriorate over time, causing it to leak. As a result, water will drip on the floor and damage other electrical gadgets. If your plumbing lines near the air ducts degrade, they can leak water, which will drip from the vents and trigger the float switch that turns the furnace off.

Old Age

Every furnace has a projected service life within which it offers peak performance when well serviced. However, once the heating unit approaches the end of its life span, it will begin to malfunction. Note that this may lead to frequent breakdowns that require expensive repairs to sustain the system's operation. Over time, your unit will accumulate a lot of wear and tear, causing it to give out. If this is the case, you should hire a heating expert to replace your unit for peak performance.

Defective Heater Fan

Dirt and dust buildup on the fan motor can hinder the rotor's rotation. Alternatively, a foreign object can get dislodged in the fan, bending the fan blades. Consequently, the fan will cease functioning, restricting heated air circulation, and providing no airflow from the vents. Therefore, you must engage a heating expert to clean and fix the fan for proper air circulation through the ducts.

A dysfunctional furnace will inconvenience your time at home, making your indoors unbearable. Thus, you should contact a furnace repair expert from a reputable HVAC company to check your unit and ensure it is in good working order.

Contact a local HVAC company to learn more. 

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