Is Your Old AC Unit Causing High Electric Bills? Have An Air Conditioning Repair Service Do These Things

When the summer heat hits you don't want to be worrying about high electrical bills because of the air conditioning unit. If your unit isn't highly efficient, you'll want to have an HVAC service repair professional come to your home.

Old units aren't as efficient as the new models available, but there are changes you can make to help make your current unit more efficient. Talk with an HVAC team about the following things.

Ask for Performance Testing

One of the first things the air conditioning repair service professional can do is test the AC unit. This will detect electrical flaws, test efficiency, and will show how much energy the unit is using to function. This can help the repairman find problems, target areas for repairs, and make changes to make the unit more energy efficient.

Change All Filters

Some air conditioning units have more than one intake filter and cleaning or replacing these filters will help to improve efficiency. Replacing the filters allow air to be pulled more easily from the outside, reducing the runtime and energy needed to get the air in, and then the cool air is pushed throughout the house.

Inspect the HVAC Ducts

The ducts that carry the hot and cold air from your HVAC appliances should be examined. If there are gaps and leaks, this could be why your unit is running longer than necessary. Some homes lose up to 20-30 percent of generated air from their HVAC appliances because of duct flaws.

Upgrade the Thermostat

You only need the air conditioner to keep the house cool when you are there. Using a programmable thermostat that will start the unit before you get home, and shut the unit off when you are away, allows you to get energy savings without having to remember to turn it down or up when you are leaving or arriving home. This will save you energy costs in the winter as well with this programmable feature.

There could be something mechanically wrong with your air conditioner that is causing your high heating bills. After the air conditioning service professional comes to the property and does a diagnostic test, and looks at the unit, you will be able to start repairs to improve the efficiency.

The other changes will also improve efficiency and can help you save money throughout the year with your furnace as well. The sooner you get the unit inspected the sooner you can save.

For more information, contact an air conditioning repair service near you.

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